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Unknown painter

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USD: 1.089 $GBP: 842 £

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Unknown painter

Unknown painter
18th/19th century
Piazza San Marco, Venice
Oil on canvas, relined
60 x 80 cm, with frame 74 x 93.5 cm
Condition: canvas somewhat dented

This painting shows a picturesque depiction of St Mark’s Square in Venice, one of the best known and most famous public squares in the world. The scene features several important architectural and cultural landmarks in an idyllic and romantic atmosphere.

At the centre of the scene is the Torre dell’Orologio (Clock Tower), an essential part of the Venetian skyline. This Renaissance structure was built at the end of the 15th century and houses a remarkable astronomical clock. The tower is adorned with many details that reflect its historical significance and the meticulous craftsmanship of the time.

Right next to the Torre dell’Orologio is the majestic Basilica di San Marco. The basilica is known for its opulent design, stunning mosaics and Byzantine architecture. The artist captures the grandeur of the basilica and adds a touch of historical depth and cultural richness to the painting.

In the foreground, small market huts are scattered across the square, indicating a bustling commercial activity that complements the splendour of the surrounding architecture. These huts add a level of everyday life to the scene that contrasts with the permanent and monumental structures.

The piazza is also populated with various figures, each engaged in different activities that enliven the scene. Among them are two dogs that leisurely roam the square. These figures further add to the charm of the painting.

The colour palette of the painting is dominated by earthy and beige-brown tones, which convey a feeling of warmth and nostalgia. The sky is particularly striking with its romantic yellow clouds against a light blue background. This choice of colour creates an idyllic atmosphere that lends the scene a serene and timeless quality.

This painting of St Mark’s Square captures the essence of Venetian life and architecture beautifully. Through the careful depiction of the landmarks, the lively figures and the harmonious use of colour, the artist conveys both the splendour and the everyday vibrancy of Venice.


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