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2nd Tiberius Auction

Estate Auction:
Monday, June 21, 2021, 3:00 p.m.
"The Collection of a Viennese Cosmopolitan"
361 lots

Due to Covid-19, no preview possible.

This extraordinary estate was collected by a Viennese connoisseur in the course of his life. Partly museum-quality, selected works of art and antiques from six centuries of art history await you. Showpieces of the collection are the Seated Alabaster Madonna, which can be attributed to the workshop of the Flemish sculptor Gil de Siloe, 1440-1501, or the Florentine Tondo around 1440, also with a depiction of the Madonna. In addition to outstanding paintings and sculptures by national & international artists, selected arts and crafts from 1500 - 1900 and fine Meissen porcelain, Art Nouveau and Art Deco are also prominently represented. A silver pier box , probably based on a design by Josef Hoffmann, 1870-1956. A wonderful putto by Michael Powolny, 1871-1954 and a silver jug from the school of Dagobert Peche, 1887-1923.

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In the after sale

annibale carracci
Bologna 1560 - 1609 Rome (att.)
After Sale € 3.750,-

bartolomeo esterban murillo
Sevilla 1617 – 1682 Sevilla (succ.)
After Sale € 1.875,-

cajetan roos
Rome 1690 - 1770 Vienna
After Sale € 4.375,-

pilgrim saints
italy, 17th / 18th century
After Sale € 1.875,-

johann franz n. lauterer
Vienna 1700 - 1733 Vienna (att.)
After Sale € 1.250,-

mother with child, ca. 1440
After Sale € 18.750,-

corpus christi
savero da ravenna 1496 – 1538?
After Sale € 5.000,-

gil de siloe
1440 - 1501 (and workshop)
After Sale € 37.500,-

standing angel
south germany, 17th century
After Sale € 625,-

michael powolny
gmundner keramik 1913-1919
After Sale € 5.000,-

pair of silver cachepots
german, ca. 1900
After Sale € 1.250,-

glass bottle
baroque, 18th century
After Sale € 375,-

empire commode clock
vienna, ca. 1820
After Sale € 2.500,-

commode clock
vienna, ca. 1820/30
After Sale € 2.500,-

couple monastery work
south germany, 18th century
After Sale € 750,-

francois a. hippolyte peyrol
france 1856 - 1929
After Sale € 2.500,-

tibet bronze
After Sale € 5.000,-

chippendale bench
england, 18th century
After Sale € 937,50

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