Auctioning art at tiberius

12% sales commission

You only pay 12% sales commission!
Without additional deductions!

Low photo costs

€ 20.00 / Lot (for unsold lots)
€ 30.00 / Lot (for sold lots)

No withdrawal fee

If your object remains unsold, you pick it up again without expenses.

You would like to auction something?

Sell Art & Antiques

The sale of art objects and precious antiques brings the best possible result in an auction house. This achievement of top prices is our daily business at TIBERIUS-AUCTIONS. With decades of experience in the international art market, we are the ideal partners for the sale of selected paintings, sculptures and antiques, as well as entire collections and estates.
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Verkaufen und versteigern bei Tiberius Auktionen

At TIBERIUS-AUCTIONS up to 85% of the objects are actually sold

The true value of an object brings the auction. The moment of an auction is exciting and thrilling at the same time. If the hammer has fallen, countless sensations have already been perfect. The wide-ranging possibilities of an auction are undeniable and often full of spectacular results for the seller. Only in the auction you as a contributor have the chance to multiply your expectations. Achieve the highest possible price for your works of art and antiques.

The advantages of Tiberius Auction

What is sold in the Tiberius auctions

With our worldwide network of experts, we are able to value art & antiques from all cultures and eras and market them in the best possible way.

Estates and bequests

From the collection of the objects on site to the payment after the sale, we take care of all the details. We hold our own estate auction for high-value household liquidations. This form of auction is popular with collectors and dealers alike and often brings unexpectedly great success.

Collection sale

We evaluate all works of art together with the contributor, organize the transport with an expert forwarding agent and, in special cases, publish a special catalog for your collection and auction off exclusively your works in a collection sale. In this way, we can document the history of the collection in terms of content in an introductory text and optimally advertise the sale.

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