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Girolamo Forabosco

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Girolamo Forabosco

Girolamo Forabosco
Venice 1605 – 1679 Padua, attributed
Portrait of a Noblewoman
Oil on canvas, relined
128 x 101.5 cm, with frame 154 x 128 cm

Girolamo Forabosco was an Italian Baroque painter known for his portraits and religious compositions. Born in Venice, Forabosco was influenced by the city’s rich artistic traditions as well as the works of famous Venetian painters such as Titian and Tintoretto. He gained a reputation for skilfully capturing the fine features and expressive personalities of his subjects. Forabosco’s works are characterised by their attention to detail, the rich use of colour and the dramatic interplay of light and shadow, which are key features of the Baroque style.

This portrait shows a noble lady who radiates the elegance and refinement typical of the Venetian aristocracy. Her curly hair is adorned with a pompous hair ornament that lends her appearance a touch of grandeur. Large earrings frame her face, while a bow-like arrangement and a striking red flower in her hair emphasise her aristocratic presence.

The lady’s dress is a delicate pink colour, contrasted by white lace at the neckline and sleeves and black trims. This shows Forabosco’s meticulous attention to the details of fabric and fashion. Golden chains are draped over her dress, adding a touch of opulence. With her left hand, she grasps the voluminous folds of her dress, suggesting both grace and dynamism in her pose. With her right hand, she leans elegantly on a table on which an antique-looking vase with a colourful floral still life stands.

The background of the painting is darkened, creating a strong contrast that emphasises the illuminated figure of the sitter. This dark background, which is typical of Baroque portraiture, serves to draw the viewer’s attention to the lady’s dignified presence and the intricate details of her clothing. A fluted column behind the flowers adds a classical element to the composition, indicating both the aristocratic lineage and cultural sophistication of the sitter.

Overall, Forabosco’s portrait conveys a sense of the sitter’s status and personality through the careful composition and rich, textured details.


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