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Classicist artist

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USD: 2.148 $GBP: 1.690 £

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Classicist artist

Classicist artist
View of St. Petersburg
Circa 1800/50
Oil on canvas
157 x 158 cm, with frame 182 x 183 cm
Titled “St. Petersburg” lower left

The 19th-century painting depicts a view of Saint Petersburg and captures the splendour and architectural magnificence of Russia’s imperial capital. The scene shows prominent landmarks such as St Isaac’s Cathedral, the Iron Horseman, and the Blagoveshchensky Bridge.

St Isaac’s Cathedral in the background dominates the skyline with its massive dome. As one of the largest cathedrals in the world, it symbolises the architectural ambition and religious significance of the city. The artist immortalised the cathedral’s intricate façade, its neoclassical columns and the surrounding square with its hustle and bustle.

In the central middle ground is the Horseman of Honour on Senate Square, an iconic statue of Tsar Peter the Great, standing majestically on a granite plinth. Commissioned by Catherine the Great, the monument symbolises the power and vision of the Russian Empire. The dynamic posture of the statue, with Peter on a rearing horse, reflects the spirit of progress and enlightenment that he brought to Russia.

The Blagoveshchensky Bridge or Annunciation Bridge in the foreground, the first permanent bridge across the Neva, is intended to illustrate the city’s technical prowess. Completed in 1850, the cast-iron bridge connects Vasilievsky Island with the mainland and symbolises the technical progress of the time.

The painting reflects the vibrant life of 19th century St Petersburg, with carriages, pedestrians and boats on the Neva, demonstrating the city’s status as an important cultural and economic centre. The skilful use of light and shadow against a romantic sky emphasises the opulence and dynamism of the scene and gives an insight into the daily life and monumental architecture of one of the great European cities.


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