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Transforming table

Estimated price: € 2.000 / 4.000
USD: 2.140 / 4.280 $GBP: 1.684 / 3.369 £
Starting price:  1.000
  • USD: 1.070 €
  • GBP: 842 €
  • USD: 1.070 $
  • GBP: 842 £
USD: 1.070 $GBP: 842 £

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Transforming table

Transforming table
Top panel with panorama of Göttweig Abbey
Around 1800
Softwood body veneered with cherry wood
Various woods inlaid
113 x 94 cm, height 78 cm
Total length 225.5 cm
Legs can be unscrewed

This exquisite transforming table from the Empire period around 1800 is an example of the era’s fascination with fine craftsmanship and functional beauty. The softwood body of the table is elegantly veneered with cherry wood and features intricate inlays of various woods, illustrating the high level of craftsmanship of the period.

The centrepiece of the table is the tabletop, which shows a panoramic view of Göttweig Abbey. This panorama is carefully inlaid with different types of wood, creating a vivid and detailed depiction comparable to 19th-century engravings. The domed main tower of the abbey and the double tower façade are particularly emphasised. These architectural elements are surrounded by the majestic, rectilinear architecture with turrets, which rises on a hilltop.

Göttweig Abbey, a Benedictine monastery in Lower Austria, is known for its impressive baroque architecture. The abbey was founded in 1083 and extensively remodelled at the beginning of the 18th century under the direction of architect Johann Lucas von Hildebrandt. The central tower with its dome and the imposing twin-tower façade are iconic elements of the abbey’s grand design and reflect the Baroque emphasis on dramatic forms and ornate details.

The sides of the table are decorated with neo-Gothic window and turret motifs, adding an extra layer of historical and stylistic complexity. These motifs, popular in the Empire period, complement the Baroque splendour of Göttweig Abbey depicted on the table’s surface. The combination of Baroque and Neo-Gothic elements emphasises the eclectic taste of the era and the craftsmanship required to create such a refined piece.

This transforming table is not only a functional piece of furniture, but also a work of art that reflects the grandeur of Göttweig Abbey and the sophisticated aesthetic sensibilities of the early 19th century. The detailed marquetry and architectural motifs demonstrate a deep appreciation of history, craftsmanship, and the transformative beauty of Empire design.


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