Nicolas Bernard Lépicié


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Nicolas Bernard Lépicié

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Nicolas Bernard Lépicié

Nicolas Bernard Lépicié
Paris 1735 – 1784 Paris
Portrait of a Noblewoman
Oil on canvas, relined
61.5 x 50 cm, with frame 76 x 65 cm

Nicolas Bernard Lépicié, an important French painter of the 18th century, was born into a family of artists. He followed in the footsteps of his father François Bernard Lépicié, a famous engraver, and showed remarkable talent from a young age. He learnt from leading artists of his time, where he was able to hone his skills and develop his unmistakable style.

Lépicié’s oeuvre encompasses a variety of genres, including portraits, history paintings and genre scenes. His works are characterised by their delicate brushwork, subtle use of light and shadow, and meticulous attention to detail. They reflect the elegance and refinement of French Rococo.

This remarkable portrait is of a young noble lady, demonstrating artistic mastery of the genre. Her black hair in an updo falls in soft waves down to her ears, framing a face with light brown eyes that radiate warmth and intelligence. She is dressed in a sumptuous blue dress, its voluminous pleats and intricate details emphasising her graceful silhouette. A detailed ruffled neckline adorns her décolletage and adds a touch of sophistication to her attire.

The lady’s coat, embroidered with delicate flowers along the seams, emphasises the richness of her garment and hints at her affluent status and exquisite taste. Against an abstract grey background, the figure stands out with a captivating presence, her gaze calm yet enigmatic, inviting the viewer to ponder the mysteries of her mind.

Through his artistry, the artist immortalises the beauty and elegance of the French aristocracy and invites the viewers to immerse themselves in the splendour of the Rococo period.


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