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Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

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Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
Venice 1696 – 1770 Madrid, attributed
Bozzetto of the Assumption of the Virgin
Fresco in the Oratory of Purity, Udine
Watercolour pen and ink drawing on paper
25 x 15.5 cm, with frame 36.7 x 29.5 cm

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo was one of the most important Italian painters of the 18th century. Known for his vibrant colour palette, dynamic compositions, and masterful use of light, Tiepolo became a leading figure of the Rococo period. He studied under Gregorio Lazzarini and quickly developed a distinctive style that combined dramatic narrative with a light, airy touch. His works include magnificent frescoes, altarpieces, and numerous drawings that had a significant influence on the art world of his time.

This exquisite work is a watercolour ink drawing depicting a bozzetto of the Assumption of Mary. In this preparatory sketch, Mary is depicted in the centre; her figure is gracefully lifted up by a group of flying angels. A larger angel leading her upwards emphasises the divine assistance at her Assumption. Tiepolo’s characteristic flowing lines and delicate splashes of colour convey a sense of movement and ethereal lightness, capturing the transcendental moment with finesse.

Below Mary sits a man, possibly Christ, who indicates the heavenly goal with an upward gesture. Two putti at his side hold a staff, emphasising the sacred narrative and the heavenly hierarchy of the scene. On the right-hand side, a figure is depicted praying to heaven, perhaps representing the person who commissioned this painting. This inclusion not only personalises the work of art, but also reflects the devotional aspect of the commission.

This bozzetto demonstrates the artist’s ability to convey complex theological themes with clarity and grace. The composition, characterised by a dynamic interplay of figures and expressive gestures, illustrates the artist’s mastery in translating spiritual events into a visual form.


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