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As a countermovement to the, backward-looking, historicism, the new trends in the design of utilitarian and ornamental objects in everyday life developed in the course of industrialization. The artists and designers of furniture or ornaments were to no small extent also the architects who designed modern houses and built them according to the new fashion. Around 1900, Art Nouveau reached its peak. Museums and exhibition halls were built in this style, as well as other public buildings or prominent homes. The spread of the strictly geometric forms was limited to some countries in Europe. In others, Art Nouveau was at home. Here, too, the design elements were redefined with the end of the 19th century. However, not so strictly. Flowers and floral patterns went along and covered the surfaces of objects and furniture. In architecture, too, the protagonists were not so geometric but more playful and light.

After only two decades, design tastes had changed and in 1925 the exhibition "Arts-Décoratifs et Industriels" was held in Paris. Art Deco was born and replaced the previous art trends worldwide. Of course, according to local societies and tastes in different variants. The most famous are the French and American Art Deco.

Two world wars did their part in the change of forms and so we came over the decades to the now common term design. This gave us the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s with their typical forms and materials. Until the contemporary, the expression design has been preserved for objects of daily life but also for ornamental objects. And still in all decades often famous architects are the pioneers in the designs.

If one has today an expressive object and this can be assigned to a designer or is even provable by publications or design drawings the price range is possible up to astronomical heights.

It's a great field of activity with endless different shapes and materials.

At TIBERIUS-AUCTIONS you will always find an exciting offer of world famous objects from famous designers.



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