Painting is possibly the highest, but above all the oldest, form of art. It already appeared in cave paintings 40,000 years ago. It accompanies us from the very beginning. Unlike sculpture and architecture, this art form is two-dimensional. Her radiance and form of expression remains in the surface, but only painting manages to achieve an infinite depth in her works. No shape, form or landscape, no cloud, sky or stars, the sun even the universe or just everyday things like interiors, great portraits and fast-paced moments of life. There is no situation, no mood and no moment that painting could not represent. This is the basis for success.

Through its versatile, formal possibilities, painting has not only brought decoration into our lives for thousands of years, but has also excited and fascinated us at the same time. Stories and legends, intangible adventures and dramas occurred in connection with paintings. Collections were built, resold or shared. Valuable works have been lost and rediscovered. Passionate clashes and great love stories. All this tells us painting and its history.

At auctions, works of painting achieve the highest results worldwide. They are the undisputed record holders in all eras and the most widespread collectible in the world.

Immerse yourself in the fascination of painting and enjoy the quality selection of paintings at TIBERIUS-AUCTIONS.


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