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Christoph Albert Dies

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Christoph Albert Dies

Christoph Albert Dies
Hanover 1755 – 1822 Vienna
Pastoral Landscape
Oil on canvas, relined
130.5 x 168 cm, with frame 142 x 179 cm
Signature removed & affixed to the reverse
Label on the reverse: “At the request of Consul Weiss, the very badly damaged painting by A. C. Dies was trimmed from 300 x 250 cm to 163 x 167 cm in 1803. The signature was previously located at the lower right edge of the large painting and has now been transplanted to the reverse of the stretcher. 20. VI. 1962”

Albert Christoph Dies was a German painter and engraver known for his pastoral landscapes and classical compositions. Born in Hanover, Germany, Dies studied under the well-known artist Jakob Philipp Hackert. His early career was influenced by his travels through Italy, particularly Rome, where he explored the traditions of landscape painting.

He eventually settled in Vienna, where he became a member of the Academy of Fine Arts. He gained great renown for his landscape paintings, which often depicted serene and idyllic scenes. These were inspired by the beauty of nature that he had encountered on his travels. In addition to his work as a painter, Dies was also a skilful engraver, demonstrating his versatility and artistic depth.

This painting by Albert Christoph Dies shows an idyllic pastoral landscape that demonstrates his attention to detail. A majestic tree rises in the left foreground, its branches spreading out and providing shade for the shepherd family below. This tree introduces the viewer to the landscape and simultaneously conveys a sense of grandeur and depth.

The shepherd family depicted with their flock appears relaxed and epitomises the harmonious relationship between people and nature, a hallmark of pastoral scenes. The shepherd and his dogs are tending the flock while the mother looks after her children.

In the middle ground, the roofs and church tower of a picturesque village protrude from the landscape, adding a human element to the otherwise natural surroundings. The church tower in particular serves as a focal point, directing the viewer’s gaze to the heart of the village and conveying a sense of community.

Behind the village, the sky is reflected in a lake whose calm waters seem to stretch to the horizon. The background is dominated by majestic mountains whose peaks rise into the sky and lend the scene an air of grandeur. The interplay of light and shadow on the mountains creates a dynamic contrast that enhances the overall composition.

The use of colour and light in this painting is particularly remarkable. The earthy, warm colour tones evoke a sense of peace and timelessness, while the careful rendering of the natural elements, from the texture of the tree bark to the snow-capped mountain peaks, demonstrates his technical skill and powers of observation.


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