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Italian painter

Estimated price: € 4.000 / 6.000
USD: 4.352 / 6.528 $GBP: 3.360 / 5.040 £
Starting price:  2.000
  • USD: 2.176 €
  • GBP: 1.680 €
  • USD: 2.176 $
  • GBP: 1.680 £
USD: 2.176 $GBP: 1.680 £

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Italian painter

Italian painter
16th/17th century
Virgin at a window
Oil on canvas, relined
95 x 78 cm, with frame 116 x 97 cm
Two labels on the reverse

This painting by an Italian painter from around 1600 offers a captivating insight into domestic life during the Baroque period. The scene depicts a tender moment between a mother and her nursing baby. The woman cradles her infant close to her breast; her gaze is filled with maternal affection.

Next to the mother and child, a window bathes the room in soft light. An elderly man leans through the window, engrossed in a book, his fingers gently turning the page. This juxtaposition of domestic care and scholarly endeavour creates a rich narrative that suggests the harmonious coexistence of familial love and intellectual curiosity.

In the foreground, a still life of fruit and delicious treats adds depth and texture to the composition. This juxtaposition of domesticity and indulgence further enriches the composition and evokes themes of affluence and the pleasures of daily life.

In the background, architectural elements such as column motifs and a draped curtain hint at classical influences and lend the scene a sense of timelessness and elegance. These antique ornaments serve as a backdrop for the intimate tableau that unfolds in the foreground, reinforcing the overall impression of harmony and balance in the composition.

With skilful brushwork and great attention to detail, the Italian painter captures the essence of domestic life in the Baroque period and invites the viewers to immerse themselves in a world of quiet beauty and understated sophistication.


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