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Probably the most extensive area of TIBERIUS-AUCTIONS is the antiques division. Since ancient times, people have been trading with used objects of everyday life. The same historical age has ornamental objects in any form and from the most diverse materials. These range from simple wood or stone to gold and precious stones. Depending on the possibility of the user, they had purely utilitarian purpose or were merely for the ornamentation of the owner. Probably the most famous example of this is Emperor Rudolf II. He resided in Prague around 1600. His "Wunderkammer" is unique in the world. The collection of Rudolf II is today part of the Kunstkammer of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.


From furniture to carpets, chandeliers, silver and gold cutlery, chalices, cups made of porcelain, fine glasses, painted faiences, carved boxes in bone and horn, turned ornamental objetke, cassettes made of amber or semi-precious stones. The wealth of facets of antiques is unmanageably diverse. There is not only Europe. Asia, the largest continent or America have created over centuries, actually over millennia most different objects from the most different materials.


This also results in the widespread circle of collectors and lovers of beautiful, fancy antiques around the world. There is nothing that is not collected!

Therefore, there is actually for almost everything somewhere a museum. And if this does not yet exist, an enthusiastic collector will surely come along at some point and open his own. Be it ever so small. There is no upper limit anyway.


Discover rare antiques at TIBERIUS-AUCTIONS. You will find pieces of art chamber as well as curiosities from 5 millennia.



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