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Buying art is not only a wonderful act of joie de vivre but also a great enrichment of your own four walls. Thus, with the acquisition of the first work of art or the first antique often begins a great collector's passion that is never-ending. And that is good. If there were not art from the beginning of human history, we would have a completely different society today. Visual art is older than language, than music. It is of greatest importance since our origin!

Possibly the most fascinating and adventurous way to treat yourself to art is to buy the object of your desire at auction. It starts from the first discovery in an advertisement, on the Internet or browsing the catalog. Then the moment of the natural encounter in the display. What does it look like in person? Am I just as enthusiastic on site, or perhaps even more so? Once I have chosen my preferred work of art and would like to take it home, the long wait for the day of the auction begins. Am I the only one interested, do I have counterbidders or how high will I go? No other form of acquisition is associated with as much excitement and adventure as the tingling in the auction room. Whether it's in writing as a pre-bid, on-site, livestreamed online or by phone. Bidding is exciting. And the closer you get to the coveted item, the more adrenaline flows through your veins.

Once the hammer has fallen and I emerge as the new owner, I have bought with a wonderful, secure feeling. The free market of the auction is the simplest and fairest form of purchase. It is transparent and comprehensible, my bid is always only 10% more than the underbidder wanted to spend. Due to the prior possibility of personal inspection and the intensive advice of the experts in the auction house, I always have the guarantee to have acquired a fabulous piece for my collection or home. In the auction I also have the chance to make a real bargain. And many a purchase has turned out to be a great investment. If the purchase price was already below that of the current market, the value of many a painting or sculpture has multiplied over the years. Only a reputable auction house can offer you these opportunities for an art adventure.

In the end, the phrase "Who Buys Art Always Wins" is completely true. Because only the acquired joy of life is irretrievable.

We look forward to your participation in our auctions!



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