New discovery of a museum alabaster Madonna

This seated Madonna figure (height 36 cm) made of alabaster can be attributed in its execution to the workshop of Gil de Siloé (1440s-1501), the leading and most important Spanish sculptor around 1500, who worked in Burgos.De Siloé’s origins are not entirely clear; he came from either Orléans or Antwerp, and his works exhibit both […]

A museum gift jug

In the art of metalworking, pitchers are important ornamental objects of Renaissance goldsmithing. The elegant silhouette of this masterpiece reminds one of the models exhibited in the Renaissance Museum in Ecouen. Comparable pitchers can be found in numerous important museums and collections worldwide. Artists such as Wenzel Jamnitzer (1507/1508-85) and François Briot (c. 1545-1616) were […]