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TIBERIUS-AUCTIONS is the online auction house in Vienna. Only a stone's throw away from the imperial palace Schönbrunn, you will find a rich selection of artworks and antiques from all eras of history in an upscale ambience. Quality before quantity is our credo. Several times a year art auctions take place in our auction house. Our offer ranges from paintings of the Old Masters, the 19th century and the great painters of Classical Modernism to renowned contemporaries. Sculptures from antiquity, Gothic and Renaissance to the sculptors of the 19th & 20th centuries, exquisite antiques & Kunstkammer objects complete our diverse offer.

6th Tiberius Auction
July 5 & 6 - 5:00 pm
6th Tiberius Auction
July 5 & 6 - 5:00 pm

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Sensational rediscovery of a lost masterpiece!


Siegen 1577 - 1644 Antwerp
„The Christ Child and the Infant St. John the Baptist“
c. 1620/25
Oil on Canvas
125 x 158 cm

Russian tsar family

Marriage of a Wittelsbach woman to the Russian Tsar family to Seehof Castle, Bavaria
Collection Baron Franz Josef von Zandt, Seehof Castle, Bavaria
Private collection, Switzerland, 1951
Private collection, Vienna

Have you always wanted to acquire a work of art by the world-famous Flemish Baroque painter Peter Paul Rubens? Here comes your big chance! At Tiberius Auctions in Vienna, a museum-quality painting by Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640)
will be up for auction on 5/6 July 2022.

This particularly lovely scene of Jesus and John the Baptist as children playing with the lamb is not only the flemish baroque painter's most famous subject but also of exceptional provenance: through the marriage of a Wittelsbach woman to the Russian Tsar family, the oil painting came into the important art collection of Seehof Palace near Bamberg, which belonged to Baron Franz Joseph von Zandt (1902-1951). Princess Marianna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein (*1919) confirmed in a letter from January 1994 that the present work was in this collection and had been sold to a Swiss art collector in 1951.

After a detailed stylistic analysis, the Rubens expert and Professor Emeritus (Columbia University, New York University, Yale University, among others) Julius S. Held (1905-2002) wrote in March 1982 that he recognised the present painting in its excellent state of preservation as a workshop work with the personal participation of the master. In comparison to the repetitions of this popular subject after an original by Rubens that was believed to have disappeared, it stands out especially in its exquisite quality. It is worth mentioning that world-class museums such as the Alte Pinakothek in Munich and the National Museum in Warsaw also have repetitions of Rubens' workshop of the same subject. The Rubenianum in Antwerp and its scientific director Professor Hans Vlieghe confirm Julius Held's assessment in an e-mail from 2012 and underpin its qualitative importance as the second best version, after Munich.

How was this masterpiece assessed technically? 
The large-format (125 x 158 cm) oil painting was at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in June 1991 and was technologically examined by Prof. Dr. Franz Mairinger, (1967-1998 head of the Institute for Colour Theory, Colour Chemistry and Painting Materials Science). He prepared a photographic documentation, including black-and-white images and colour negatives of both sides, as well as a radiation examination of the painting. This was done with UV fluorescence, reflective UV, infrared and X-ray images. The surface of the artwork was also examined under a stereomicroscope, identifying and evaluating the layers of painting; this also allowed retouching and overpainting to be recorded. The dense, hand-woven canvas in its original format bears a primer with dark brush underdrawings and, above this, a thin layer of paint called imprimatur, on top of which the colours were applied using hand-rubbed pigments: This approach is characteristic of 17th century Dutch paintings. The analyses revealed that this work of art can be dated with certainty to the first half of the 17th century on the basis of its material composition and that its Flemish origin can also be confirmed.

These technological evaluations were subsequently sent to the Rubens expert Prof. Dr. Didier Bodard in Rome, who had analysed the painting in the original during a visit to Vienna shortly before. At the owner's request, he estimated the current value of the oil painting at 7,000,000 US dollars in November 1991. Bodard stated in a written expert opinion that, not least because of the carefully planned composition, it was a work of art designed by Peter Paul Rubens himself; he would also have completely supervised the execution of the painting. Like Held, Bodard also emphasised the extremely high quality of the painting, which in his opinion was created around 1620-25.

Another indication of authenticity: in a recent report, Hugues le Grand, a French expert on Flemish and Dutch painting (15th-17th centuries), also confirmed that this was probably a work by the hand of Peter Paul Rubens, based on the application of the paint, the luminosity and the transparent shadows.

After thorough examination by recognised experts, as well as after carefully conducted technical analyses, it can be stated beyond doubt that the present painting is an highly significant rediscovery of an original work by Peter Paul Rubens and his workshop.

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Nachverkaufs der 5. Tiberius Auktion


Franz von Stuck
Tettenweis 1863 - 1928 Munich, att.
Starting price € 1.000

Magnificent Josephine clock
Vienna, ca. 1780/90
Starting price € 3.000

Hl. Cäcilia
Italy, 17th century
Starting price € 3.000

Oskar Mulley
Klagenfurt 1891 – 1949 Garmisch
Starting price € 2.000

Corpus Christi
15th century
Starting price € 1.500

Courtly splendor etagere
Around 1830/40
Starting price € 3.000

Vincenzo Dandini
Florence 1607 - 1675 Florence, att.
Starting price € 1.500

Gil De Siloe
1440 - 1501 (and workshop)
Starting price € 6.000

Important portrait bust
White marble, ca. 1700/40
Starting price € 2.000

Russian painter 1888
Starting price € 500

Courtly salon etagere
Around 1830/40
Starting price € 6.000

Jose Maria Mijares
Havanna 1921 – 2004 Miami
Starting price € 3.000

Rhineland, ca. 1390
Starting price € 3.000

Burma, 17th/18th century
Starting price € 4.000

Vicenzo Irolli
Naples 1860 - 1949 Naples
Starting price € 2.000

Rudolf von Alt
Vienna 1812 - 1905 Vienna
Starting price € 4.000

Museum sculpture
Simon Troger, 1683 – 1768
Starting price € 1.500

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