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In our exclusive Christmas auction from December 20 - January 9 you will find a wide range of selected, curious & charming works of art, antiques & art nouveau objects. So you can also enjoy and buy art over the holidays and the New Year. Although our premises are closed until January 9, 2022, we are always available for information and inquiries. We look forward to your interest.

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Highlights of the after sale

Tiberius Christmas Auction

Jacopo Palma il Giovane
Venice 1548 - 1628
After sale price € 10.000

Ambrosius Benson
MILAN 1495 - 1550 FLANDERS
After sale price € 25.000

Veneto / Istria, 1100 - 1150
After sale price € 12.500

Moscow around 1890/1900
After sale price € 10.000

Tuscany / Florence ca. 1520/40
After sale price € 10.000

Alexander Rothaug
Vienna 1870 - 1946 Vienna
After sale price € 13.800

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Several times a year TIBERIUS-AUCTIONS holds art auctions. 
The selective choice at our "Art, Antiques, & Design Auctions" gives you the opportunity to buy high-quality objects from a wide range of offers.

At the "No Limit Auctions" you can bid on interesting & curious items at low call prices.

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Our experts convince with their long experience and extensive knowledge in dealing with art and antiques. TIBERIUS-AUCTIONS auctions objects from antiquity to modern design. Medieval art, Old Master and 19th century paintings, Modern classics to contemporaries, sculptures of all periods and antiques from all parts of the world are our areas of expertise.

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Through several generations of experience in the national and international art trade and the associated expertise, we can accurately assess and value each work of art. Our worldwide contacts to museums, large collections and a multitude of public institutions give you the certainty to always achieve the best possible sales price for your artwork at TIBERIUS-AUCTIONS.

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