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Jacques Augustin Dieudonné

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Jacques Augustin Dieudonné

Jacques Augustin Dieudonné
Paris 1795 – 1873 Paris
Bust of Eugénie-Adélaïde-Louise d’Orléans, called Madame Adélaïde (1777-1847)
Sister of King Louis-Philippe
Cast bronze
Overall height 43 cm, width 31 cm
Signed & dated 1829 on the base
Cf. Musée Conde, OA 3164

Jacques Augustin Dieudonné, an important French sculptor of the 19th century, was known for his skilful craftsmanship and his ability to capture the essence of his models. Dieudonné trained his artistic talent at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He quickly gained recognition for his extraordinary bronze works, which often depicted prominent figures of his time. His meticulous attention to detail and expressive realism cemented his reputation, earning him numerous prestigious commissions throughout his career.

One important work is the bronze bust of Eugénie-Adélaïde-Louise d’Orléans, known as Madame Adélaïde, the sister of King Louis-Philippe. This bust bears a striking resemblance to the depiction of the same lady in the Musée Condé (OA 3164). In this sculpture, Madame Adélaïde is depicted with an elegant pinned-up hairstyle; her long curls gracefully frame her elongated, delicate face. Her high arched eyebrows and deep-set eyes lend her a cultivated and contemplative expression that expresses both her nobility and her introspective character.

Her elongated neck is emphasised by the bustier-like décolleté. A loose cape draped over her right shoulder emphasises the dynamic composition of the bust and lends it a touch of movement and realism.

Dieudonné’s bust of Madame Adélaïde is not only an example of his mastery of bronze carving, but also immortalises the dignified and confident appearance of an important French personality. With this work, he offers the viewer an insight into the elegance and refinement of the French aristocracy and at the same time demonstrates his unrivalled ability to breathe life into bronze.


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