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Auctioning art at tiberius

10% sales commission

You only pay 10% sales commission!
Without additional deductions!

No photo costs

You do not pay any photo costs!
The illustrations in the catalog are free!

No overdraft fee

If your object remains unsold, you pick it up again without expenses.

You would like to auction something?

For the first, for the second and for the third!

Den wahren Wert bringt die Auktion. Der Moment einer Versteigerung ist aufregend und spannend zugleich. Ist der Hammer gefallen wurden schon unzählige Sensationen perfekt. Die breitgefächerten Möglichkeiten einer Auktion sind unbestreitbar und oftmals voller spektakulärer Resultate für den Verkäufer. Nur in der Auktion haben Sie als Einbringer die Chance Ihre Erwartungen zu vervielfachen; für Ihre Kunstwerke und Antiquitäten den höchst möglichen Preis zu erzielen.

Countless finds and heirlooms have reached astronomical sums at auctions that the sellers would never have dared to dream of. Only real life can provide these adventures and there is often no shortage of scurrility. Even if the stories about special discoveries of hidden or lost treasures often seem unbelievable and completely abstract, they have happened thousands of times. Take advantage of the opportunities offered by TIBERIUS-AUCTIONS. As a global player we reach museums, interested parties and collectors all over the world! This way your sale can become a financial experience and you will suddenly get big money for inconspicuous little things. For selected masterpieces in the high price segment we are your competent contact. Our professional know-how and worldwide contacts to large collections and institutions offer you the best possible sales guarantee. We auction objects up to € 1.000.000,-.
We are your partners to success.

Contact us without any obligation. Asking costs nothing, neither does our answer. We do not charge any special fees or incidentals. No photo or withdrawal fees.

Only in case of successful sale you pay 10% sales commission.

What do you want to sell?

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Mit diesem Kaufauftrag, beauftrage ich TIBERIUS AUCTIONS, bis zu den angegebenen Ankaufslimits auf meinen Namen und auf meine Rechnung mitzubieten oder mich für ein Telefonisches Gebot während der Auktion zu kontaktieren.