A museum gift jug

In the art of metalworking, jugs are important ornamental objects of Renaissance. The elegant silhouette of this masterpiece reminds one of the models exhibited in the Renaissance Museum in Ecouen. In many important museums and collections around the world can be found similar jugs.

Artists such as Wenzel Jamnitzer (1507/1508-85) or François Briot (c. 1545-1616) were able to create ornaments and reliefs on goldsmith, silver, bronze and pewter castings with unprecedented mastery. The Temperantia bowl in the Louvre, made by Francois Briot, on which delicate arabesques and grotesques entwine around mythological scenes, is an example of this. Comparable jugs and bowls are also on display in N.Y. at the Metropolitan Museum or at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Museum gift jug from Francois Briot

As a utilitarian object and a work of art, the jug is the work of goldsmiths, engravers and medalists. Decorations inspired by Mannerism cover this elegantly shaped object body. Ram's heads, leaves and rocailles, ribbons, wings, and horned animal heads, mark the body. In the center a coat of arms medallion. Under the beak also stands out a ram's head with pointed horns. The expressive handle, in the form of a dragon grasping a snake and ending in a mannerist maskeron in high relief characterizes this museum gift jug!



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