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Silver Jug 1806

Empire silver jug
Silver cast & engraved

After sale price:  1.150

  • USD: 1.318$

Additional information

Elegant Viennese Empire Silver Jug
13 Lot, silver cast & engraved
Height 30 cm

Body of slightly bulbous conical shape. The vessel has an acanthus frieze in relief below the shoulder, the neck is recessed and merges into a tapering, curved spout. The beak-shaped hinged lid is decorated with a half-sculpted girl's head and screw-mounted.
Curved, raised handle. Fluted funnel foot with vertical base, finely ribbed, the surface engraved with monogram "MV".

Hallmarks: Alt Wien wheel mark 1806 / silversmith maker´s mark JS in oval for Josef Schneider, recorded 1779
Weight. 769 gr.

See attached expertise of the Gemmological Laboratory Austria.

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